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Breathing. We all do it. All the time. If we didn’t, we’d be dead.

Everything breaths after some fashion, from the plants and their exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide; to the sea dwellers who pull oxygen out of the water leaving behind a trail of carbon dioxide; to the land inhabitants who extract oxygen out of the air and leave behind their own tale tell trail of Co2.

Depending on whose statistics you look at, healthy adults take anywhere from 12 to 20 breaths a minute, while newborns take closer to 44 breathes a minute. Adult athletes peak out at anywhere from 60 to 70 breaths a minute when they’re exercising, which is far above the average adult’s peak of 35 to 45 breaths per minute during exercise.

But regardless of how often we take a breath, do we get what we need from the air we breath? It depends on how deeply we breath and how effective the oxygen, carbon dioxide exchange is. This is important because we use the oxygen to help fuel our cells.

Just ask anyone who has asthma, emphysema or any other respiratory ailment, and you’ll find out very quickly how precious each breath is. Like many things that spark our realization of what matters, it’s when you can no longer take a breath easily that you understand the importance of each breath and being able to pull that oxygen into your system.

The thought that we are so dependant on gossamer tissue lungs to pull a life sustaining molecule out of the air is more than a little disconcerting. This is especially so when you realize that there is no man made explanation that can effectively discern why our planet holds its oxygen rich atmosphere in place. Yes, we have explanations for the mechanics of it, how it works, but the why of it eludes us.

That is unless you include God in the equation.

Genesis is very clear on the formation of the earth and the atmosphere we exist in, including every breath we take. They all come from God.

Whether we breath deeply from our diaphragm or shallowly from our chest, each breath is a gift from God.

And He gives us this gift whether we accept Him or not.

Why? Because that’s just the way He is.

“The life of every living thing is in His hand, as well as the breath of all mankind.”

Job 12:10

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