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Teachers are everywhere. All of us have had good teachers, and not so good teachers, but for many of us, teachers have been an undeniable reality in our lives.

Like any other profession, I think you have to be called to teaching to be a good one. One thing that distinguishes a good teacher is someone who cares about their students. They don’t teach just because it’s a decent job with benefits and summers off, they teach because they are invested in their students and genuinely enjoy seeing their student’s progress whatever form that may take.

One teacher I spoke to recently said she had heard you have to teach someone something at least 144 times before it sinks in. If you’ve ever had children, or even been around children for any length of time and had to teach them something, you know that the number doesn’t sound too far off. You have to repeat something many, many times before it sinks in. Sometimes, quite frankly, it feels like a million times of telling a child the same thing before there’s a glimmer that it’s taken hold.

Yet, we have a God who is a teacher who doesn’t seem to mind at all that He’s constantly having to repeat Himself when He trying to teach us something, like about how much He loves us and wants a deep and meaningful relationship with us, along with what it takes for us to have that kind of relationship with Him. And, if we’re not getting it, He tells us the same thing in a different way to reaffirm what He’s teaching us.

Although many of us refer to being taught life’s lessons, how many of really realize that God is truly the ultimate teacher? That being a teacher is just part of who He is. This is something that Jesus, Yeshua, did all the time. He always taught the crowds, just like He always teaches us, but we always have to remember that the crowds came to Him. He drew them to Him because of who He is.

“Then the crowds converged on Him again and, as He usually did, He began teaching them once more.” Mark 10:1b


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