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One of the great things about having children – or a child, in my case – is that they are always asking questions. I know the questions can come at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of a movie when they insist on knowing what’s going to happen next just at the time it happens in the film. So, they actually miss the moment that would have answered their question, with this being repeated so many times during a movie that it drives you buggy.

This being Easter week, my son has been off of school for Easter Break. Yes, in some places, and in some schools, it is still called Easter Break and actually takes place at Easter. Now, you would think with me being an on top of it parent, we would have been going through the Easter story along with the story of Passover all week. But, I laugh at being on top of it because, well, that goal is seemingly impossible for me. Needless to say, we didn’t get to the Easter discussion until Friday, and my son himself brought it up.

I had mentioned that some of the shops around town were closed because it was Good Friday. He looked at me thoughtfully before asking ‘why do they call it good?’ Score one for a question asking child.

Fair question. It’s not the scripture that calls Good Friday good, in fact it just calls it Friday and attaches its significance to Passover and the sacrifice of the lambs in the temple being at the same time that Jesus was crucified, along with the other details of the crucifixion like the temple curtain being torn apart from the top down, the darkness that enveloped the land among other details. But, there is no reference to it being good.

I answered him with a question of my own, ‘Why do you think it’s called good?’

‘Because that’s when Jesus died for our sins,’ was his more than good answer.

And that is when Jesus took on each of our sin and paid the steep price for it. It was part of  the process that would ultimately allow us to have a relationship with God through Jesus because of the forgiveness of those sins.

But, I got to thinking that that good day for us was a not such a good day for Jesus Himself. Scripture tells us He asked that the cup be taken from Him but He accepted that not His will but that of the Father would be done. It’s never a good day when your are accused then convicted of something you didn’t do, then made fun of, beaten and then put to death because of anothers guilt.

Doesn’t look like a good day for Him until you figure, He must have known. He must have known that what He was doing, the sacrifice He made, would reconcile the Creator, the Word, with His creation.

He must of known that through His horrible day he was creating everlasting good, which translated into reconciliation and a righted relationship between God and man.

“All things were created through Him, and apart from Him nothing was created that has been created.”

John 1:3


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