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There are times when you just know that God just has to laugh.

For many of us, we have always carried around this picture in our minds of this stern God sitting on His throne, one that doesn’t crack a smile or take joy in, well to put it bluntly, anything. If everything good comes from Him alone and we enjoy smiling, laughing and taking pleasure in one another’s company, wouldn’t it stand to reason that He does too?

This point hit home with me when I went on a women’s retreat a while ago. The whole group got together and began to worship. Having no music, along with no one who had natural leadership abilities in the singing realm, the results were comical to say the least. Even though there are women in the group who have wonderful voices, they were not enough to change the way the whole group sounded which resembled the disjointed noise that ravens make when they’re disturbed.

The disturbing sound that rose up from our group could only be really described as a joyful noise unto the Lord. As we were traveling from song to song getting worse, not better, as we went along, it was all I could do to keep myself from laughing. Then I realized I wouldn’t be surprised if God was smiling, even chuckling a little bit, at our attempt too.

So many times in scripture we are told that he loves and delights in His children. Yet we seem to forget this in the face of the stern overbearing God we seem to want Him to be, we seem to miss the point that this relationship we’re in with Him is an enjoyable thing and yes, even though it can – and often does – include times of teaching and correction, it also includes times of great love, enjoyment, and yes, laughter.

“For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.”

Psalm 149:4




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