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The eyes are the window to the soul. Most of us have heard this commonly used phrase at least once in our lives, maybe even twice.

But, do we ever really stop to think about what it means? I’m sure none of us would give the exact same answer to the question of ‘what does this statement mean?’. Yet, we would hit pretty close to the same mark that the eyes of a being reveal a lot about what goes on in the soul.

When we look into the eyes of another person, what do we see?

Those with kind, gentle eyes are few and far between, while those with eyes filled with sadness, anger, bitterness and even deadness are far more common.

No matter what your observational skills are, whether you notice a lot about another or just a little, chances are you have taken note of the times that you looked into another persons eyes and saw kindness, gentleness and love because the experience is so uncommon.

Yet, this is what I think of whenever I picture Jesus/Yeshua Himself.

When He walked among us, I imagine from the biblical accounts of Him, that He had with eyes full of love, kindness, gentleness and compassion, even in the face of the great pain, fear, hatred and confusion in the eyes and hearts of those who were around Him.

His eyes were so full of His great love for people that some of those same people couldn’t help but stop, take notice and respond. And, eventually after spending time with Him, it seems their eyes were changed, becoming more like His, seeing things He saw in the way He saw them.

Scripture tell us that God made us in His image, it also tells us that God breathed His own spirit of life into Adam and Eve. This is the same spirit He breaths into us when we come into relationship with Him through the redemptive sacrifice He made for us. The same life and love that He gives us that should be visible to others through our eyes.

Yet, what do you see when you look into another person’s eyes? Or, even your own in an unguarded moment? Do your eyes show others that you are a child of God who has spent time with Him in the light and love of His gaze?

“My son, give me your heart; And let your eyes keep in my ways.” Proverbs 23:26

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There’s a song that’s just been released by Third Day that I just can’t seem to get away from. It seems like every time I turn the radio on – which isn’t very often – I keep hearing the same line of lyrics, “salvation is coming.”

Finally, after about a week of not hearing the full song I decided to YouTube it. I found out it’s not called “salvation is coming” like I thought it was, because of course that was the only line of the lyrics I ever seem to hear, but it’s actually called “Lift Up Your Face”. I also figured out that the line of lyrics I was listening to was actually “salvation is calling” instead of “salvation is coming”. Go figure.

It’s  amazing what you learn on YouTube, but, be that as it may, it’s a great song and worth a listen.

Because I’ve heard this song so much, it got me thinking about salvation. Part of the Christian culture in the U.S. is a focus on the time and date that we got “saved”, meaning when did each of us first accept Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and enter into a relationship with Him.

Sometimes I think we focus on this so much that we forget that salvation is a daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes even by the minute process. We are always in the desperate need of being saved, maybe not from the jaws of death which is a life lived without God like we were before we first believed, but from ourselves and all we still drag around that hinders us in our relationship with Him.

Part of that daily salvation is lifting up our eyes to the only one who can help us in our times of need, and has the ability to forgive us when we repent and return to Him sometimes for the millionth time.

In scripture there are many references to lifting up our eyes and how God uses that action to give us life. This action of lifting up our eyes helps to show us where we stand and from Whom our help comes.

The Israelites who chose to looked up at the bronze snake that Moses made as God commanded and recovered from poisonous snake bites in Numbers 21. King Nebuchadnezzar looked up to the Lord and regained his sanity after living like an animal for seven years as a punishment for his pride and arrogance in Daniel 4. And, these are just a couple of instances of this concept of people lifting up their eyes that we see in scripture.

In the Psalms, King David, a man after God’s own heart, questioned where his help came from. He looked to the hills and probably saw the Ashera poles set there as places of worship to other gods and realized his help did not come from those things. He had to look higher than the hills, up to the heavens themselves, where his God, the only one, lives.

David’s life is a study in the need to be saved. The continual need for salvation. He always seemed to have something he needed to be saved from, whether it was enemies from outside his house or inside of it, or from his own decisions that led to less than desirable consequences.

Just like us. Sometimes the things we need to be saved from have more to do with others, their decisions and how those decisions impact our lived than ourselves. Yet, there are other times when we need to be saved from ourselves, our own decisions and where they’ve led us.

Our God is a saving God. He doesn’t just save us once when we accept Christ as our Messiah, then leave us alone to fend for ourselves. He is constantly saving us. Salvation is here and it is coming from the only one who loves us enough to stand by us and has the power and authority to make that salvation a reality.

“I raise my eyes towards the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Psalm 121:1-2

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