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1997 Ford F-150 pickup truck

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The Blue Beast, a name I’ve affectionately called my truck for quite a while now, has just recently been having some troubles. And, I don’t mean run-of-the-mill troubles, I mean the, maybe I’ll have to start looking for a new car troubles.

Because I really dislike spending any money on anything large like appliances, car repairs etc. It’s taken me a little while to take the behemoth in. Its first set of problems seemed to right themselves, but the second set. Which came fast on furious on the heels of the first, meant a trip to the mechanic because it wouldn’t shift out of park and the brake lights weren’t going off.

At first, it was an intermittent thing, just a little catch here or a stick there when I tried to put into drive, but then one day came and I discovered it would only go into gear if it was warm outside. Yes, I said warm outside, which basically meant I couldn’t move it until early afternoon when it was an almost scorching 98 degrees outside.

So one afternoon I was able to get it down to the mechanic who asked me how long the brake lights had been on, and, he determined that the truck’s problem had something to do with that, and it did.

In the meantime, between the beginning of the problems and the discovery of the relatively inexpensive fix, I started looking around for a new car, or I should say new to me car. I haven’t bought a new car in years and years, and I soon discovered that one costs the same as a tract of land where I live.

I amazed myself because I was looking a relatively inexpensive, used vehicles that were economical to run and keep up. Although, I drive the Blue Beast now, this wasn’t always the case, and years ago I would have gone for something a little less, shall we say economical.

Either way, nearby I found a used Scion, a little toaster of a car made by Toyota that has amazing fuel economy and reliability rating. Not only that, but the reviews by owners of this little box car were extremely enthusiastic about it. At about the point that I thought I’d be buying a car, it was definitely the vehicle of choice.

My son, though, wasn’t as convinced. The minute I mentioned the little toaster car, he came up with a list as long as his arm – which is very long because he’s at that stage where everyday he grows another inch or so – of reasons why we shouldn’t buy it. It was boxy. It was a hard ride. It wasn’t comfy. It was too low to the ground. You name a reason why we shouldn’t get it and he had it wrapped up, put into an envelope and addressed to anyone who would listen, which was pretty much just me.

To say he was enthusiastic to get back into the Blue Beast after it was fixed and we were driving down the highway was an understatement. When we got it back from the mechanic, my son commented about all the good things about riding in the truck again, from how great it was to be back sitting up high where we could see everything, to how much he like the growl of its engine.

We drove down the highway in silence for little bit after he was finished speaking and finally I said, “Well, I guess this means we’ll be driving the truck for a while and we won’t be getting the little Scion after all.”

Quick as a whip, his answer came.

“Well, that’s an answer to prayer.”

I just had to laugh but then started thinking, when I was praying about the vehicles I was just asking the LORD to do what He wanted, whether that be to come up with an inexpensive fix or to buy another vehicle, while my son was praying that we would get the truck back and not have to buy that little Scion.

Both of us were praying different things, but we both received an answer to our prayers, and, that’s just how it works out sometimes when we pray. One person asks for one thing, another asks for another and the LORD provides for both of them in one fell swoop.

“As soon as he hears, he will answer you.”

Isaiah 30:19b

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