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I am not a huge fan of snakes. Not because of the whole Garden of Eden thing, but pretty much because anything that slithers around quickly, sticks out its tongue and hisses is more than just a little creepy.

In most parts of the world, snakes are a general part of life. But, be that as it may, I would guess that most of us who live with snakes, or the possibility of snakes, don’t like to think about the proximity of the creature that’s not winning any award for most popular animal.

And who does like to think about them? If we were worrying about running into one snake, or another, we’d be constantly looking at the ground before we take a step, or up in the trees if that’s where the snakes in your neighborhood tend to hang out.

But, looking at the ground for snakes, or one snake in particular, is exactly what I’ve been doing recently.

Not too long ago, my son and I were leaving for work early one morning. As I was walking towards my truck, I happened to look down into a little rock garden in my yard when I saw this foot and a half long neck decorated with neutral colors of black, tan and brown in patterns  topped off by a head with black beady eyes that was looking into another part of the yard.

Seeing the snakes profile and also seeing that it didn’t sense me at all, I started to back up. All the while I kept my eyes on it to see if it was going to move and also try to figure out where the rest of its body was.

My son came out behind me, and, I immediately told him to slow down because there was a snake in the rock garden. Because it has been drilled into his head that there are a lot of rattlers in our area, he too began to back up towards the house.

“How are we going to get to the truck?” I heard him ask behind me just as I saw how big the snake was.

It’s body was curled in amongst the rocks, wound loosely around them in an area of about three feet, which translated means it was really big. And it still hadn’t noticed us.

“We’re going to go around the long way,” I answered my son who wasn’t thoroughly convinced that was the prudent thing to do, since he wasn’t convinced that the mammoth snake in our rock garden wasn’t a rattler.

But, I was convinced that it was just a really big garter snake. So we went the long way around, lugging all our gear for the day in multiple trips. Because  when we leave for the day, we usually don’t come back to the house until early evening and have to take everything we may need for the day with us.

When we got home, the snake was gone.

“Where do you think it went Mom?’ My son asked as he craned his neck to see into the rock garden to make sure the snake was gone without getting too close to the potentially offensive area.

“I think it was just going across the yard trying to get to the trees over there. I’m sure it won’t come back,” I said, looking at the distance between those trees and my yard which wasn’t nearly far enough for me.

Since then, every time I leave the house my eyes sweep the patio, the rock garden, the yard at large, then the ground under those trees, just to see if there’s any movement or sign of the snake.

Besides a visit from a little baby garter snake on my patio, there hasn’t been any sign of any other snake for quite a while now. But, that doesn’t keep me from thinking about it.

“Where do you think  that snake is?” I mused out loud the other day when my son and I were walking around the yard.

He looked at me in surprise.

“You told me it went into the trees and stayed there and I believe you,” he replied with the finality of a case closed.

“You’re right,” I said smiling at him then thinking if we had a fraction of that faith in what God tells us when He tells us something, we’d all live our lives a little differently.

“Abram believed the LORD, and He credited it to him as righteousness.”

Genesis 15:8

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