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Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wisconsin.

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This day, the day after Thanksgiving, I can’t help but repost a blog entry by Alicia of Alicia’s Roses who writes a phenomenal blog here on WordPress.

Although what she posted was not new to me, I was very grateful that she decided to post this Hebrew prayer of thanksgiving and gratefulness as her Thanksgiving blog.  It is an absolutely beautiful prayer acknowledging the one and only living God, and His Lordship over everything, along with His wonderful care and mercies for each of us.

Alicia writes a great blog and I would encourage you to visit her at http://aliciasroses.wordpress.com/ If you would like to see the prayer on her site, this is the link, Happy Thanksgiving.


“We acknowledge to you, O Lord, that you are our God as you were the God of our fathers, forever and ever. Rock of our life, Shield of our salvation, you are unchanging from age to age. We thank you and declare our praise, for our lives that are in your hands and for our souls entrusted to you. Your miracles are with us every day, and your benefits are with us at all times, evening and morning and midday. You are good, for your mercies are endless; you are merciful, for your kindnesses are never complete; from everlasting we have hoped in you. And for all these things may your name be blessed and exalted, always and forevermore. Let every living thing give thanks to you and praise your name in truth, O God, our salvation and our help. Blessed are you, O Lord, your name is good and to you it is right to give thanks.”

A blessing from the Amidah..the central prayer of the Jewish liturgy, prayed three times a day since the first century A.D.

“O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

Psalm 8:9

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