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Rock Concert

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Today I read a blog that really got me thinking. It was a blog titled  Loaves and Fishes and really focused on what an individual person would think if they were actually around when Jesus made those few loaves and couple of fish  stretch so far that they fed thousands.

Think about it, you’re there to listen to a really good teacher who seems to be speaking the truth, but you’re thinking he’s just another really good teacher from a tradition of many. Sure, he performed miracles and healings which were probably just as rare then as they are today. Yet,  it’s worth thinking about what you would think if you were in the crowd and why you were there in the first place.

Would you be there just to see this teacher who you’d heard a lot about?

Would you be there because there was an outside chance that he was the much prophesied about Messiah who would deliver the Jewish people?

Would you be there because your friends were there?

Would you be there because you wanted to see a miracle?

If you were there to see a miracle – and let’s face it we’d all like to see a miracle until we actually see one – would you accept it for what it was?

Jesus fed huge crowds each time He did this, five thousand primarily Jewish men the first time and four thousand primarily gentile men the second. And, that’s not even including the women and children who were undoubtedly fed too, which means you could easily double the numbers and the crowd you’d get would look like one at a decent size rock concert  today.

And, like a concert crowd, it’s the ones that are the closest to the stage that get to see the band and what they’re doing on that stage. The further out you get from the stage the less you can see, until at the edge of the crowd you basically can see nothing at all. So, I imagine the ones closest to Jesus could see the real miracle taking place, while those at the edges of the crowd just saw the loaves and the fish and didn’t really see what had happened which gave them a larger opportunity to either believe that a miracle had taken place or disbelieve it.

Many people today are in that place,  they wonder about who He really is because they’re too far back in the crowd to make any sort of real decision to believe Him or not.

To really see Him today, just like all those years ago, you have to decide you want to see this Jesus enough to show up in the first place, then make your way through the crowd to get up as close to Him as you can. This takes effort and a decision to find out what the truth about Him is, but it’s also the only way that you can be in the position where He can show you the miracle that He is, a miracle that includes seeing you at the edge of the crowd.

“Nathanael said to him, ‘How do you know me?’ Jesus answered him, ‘Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.'”

John 1:48

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