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There are leaders, and there are followers. Generally we are told, are led to believe, that you either fit into one category or the other.

At 12 -years old, my son is going into the uncharted territories of Jr. High School where the rubber hits the road and the inner mettle of most of the kids is really tested for the first time. Will they be leaders? Followers? Or that in between group that most people don’t really acknowledge because they don’t fit into a tidy little box? Those would be the kids who feel comfortable enough with themselves to lead when they need too, follow when they need too and to walk away when they need too.

Some of the best leaders I have ever seen are those who don’t cling to leadership. Like that third group of Jr. High School kids, they lead when they need to, follow when they need to and walk away when they need to.

Leadership doesn’t come naturally to me, I’d rather sit in the back row and let someone else take those reigns, but over a year ago, God opened up a opportunity for me to serve Him as a small group facilitator in Community Bible Study. I put the emphasis on facilitate, not leader or teacher, because if I had to actually lead or teach the wonderful ladies in my group, they would get the short end of the stick in a huge way.

Although God has been amazingly faithful to me in trying to get me to facilitate the learning of His Word every week, the real miracle I see  is the woman He has put over the facilitator’s themselves because she is a leader that exemplifies the shepherd leader that we see in Christ Himself.

I often tell her that trying to get over 25 different facilitators and children’s ministry leaders together is like herding cats, and, I’m not joking.

The group that God has put together is disparate to say the least. Most of us come from different theological and dogma backgrounds. We go to different churches and have varying degrees of scriptural training. We run the gambit from seeing everything spiritually to seeing everything with a pragmatic eye. I could go on, but the reality is that no one but God could put such a group of radically different individuals together and, quite frankly the only way we hinge together is through Him.

Keeping us all together is a momentous task, yet, the leader He has put over us never looks like she’s leading. She’s caring, loving and thoughtful, bringing us into decision making processes by asking our input, while putting us all before herself. And, that’s all after the fact that she turns to God with pretty much everything and is so excited when he shows her something new in His Word that she has to share it.

Leaders who are caring, loving and thoughtful, putting the needs of those who they lead before their own are a rarity in the church, let alone in the me-first-world we all live in.

Yet this exactly the type of leader God is. Scripture tells us He is far from the proud and close to the humble, and it goes even further when its says He Himself was humble even to the point that He gave everything for those who are in His care.

He is the ultimate servant leader, and should He lead us in that direction, we should feel comfortable enough in who He is and who we are in Him to be the same.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew 11:29

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