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Words on signs, words on pages, words on-line, we are pretty much bombarded with words everywhere we go. Whether we can read them or not, they are intended to communicate something to us. Even if we can read them, the meaning is lost to us if we aren’t able to see the reality behind them.

Just recently a group of women were going over applications for scholarships that their organization was going to award. The group had a pile of paperwork in front of them, each hopeful packet serving as a representative of the student who wanted some help for their educational endeavors.

With only a few scholarships to give and a pile in front of them, the women took care to go over each application with thoughtful consideration. Even so, they would still have to interview the candidates that rose to the top of the pile.

During the process, a woman on the committee stopped short at one application. Apparently, the young person in question had made several references to his belief in Jesus in the application, and, she wasn’t very happy about it.

A discussion followed regarding the application, the young person’s qualifications, which were very high in the rankings, and the unmissible expression of his beliefs.

Finally, the offended woman said she didn’t see why that application was so heavy with references to his Christian belief. This was because, she explained to the group, she herself belonged to such-and-such a denomination, and that said it all.

Even so, the weight of the application necessitated an interview, which the offended woman wasn’t very happy about. After all who really wants to interview a zealot?

A funny thing happened during the time the committee spent with that young man, especially to the woman who was so offended by his application. As the interview proceeded and she listened intently to what he had to say, she became less rigid and more relaxed. At the end of their time together, she ended up being so impressed with him that she insisted that he receive one of the scholarships.

Isn’t that what we, as people, do? We read black lines on white paper and see them through our own lenses. Then, if we read things incorrectly, we make wrong assumptions that color the way we view not only the person in question, but the world in general.

How many times do we assume we know what’s in the Word of God only to find out when we actually read it, that we were dead wrong? Not only that, how many times do we just focus on the words of the Book and forget that there’s a living person that those words are embedded in?

It is in reading His Word and meeting with Him that we truly are given the grace to see Him as He is, which is what changes our hearts and lives.

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path,”

Psalm 119:105 (NLB)


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