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Achilles, that great Greek warrior and hero, never knew what hit him when he pitched forward and saw that he had an arrow stuck through his tendon near his heel.

Legend has it that Achilles mother, the nymph Thetis, tried to make Achilles immortal by dipping him into the river Styx. She succeeded after a fashion, but the heel that she held on to when she dipped him in remained firmly rooted in the mortal world and was his greatest vulnerability.

It must have been incredibly painful when that arrow hit him piercing through his flesh and pushing out the other side. I just can’t even imagine it.

The pain. The hobbling. The inability to get up after being knocked down. With the worst of it all being the knowledge that his enemy knew him well. So well, that his enemy knew where his weakness was and made expert use of that knowledge.

You can just picture it. Through the years, those stories of Achilles birth and his mother’s attempt to try to protect him and give him immorality circled through castles and became the threads that wove together dark stories told around soldiers’ campfires before they went into battle against the great and invincible warrior.

You can almost hear the whispers from his enemies before a battle. ‘Get Achilles in his heel, the one his mother held him by.’ ‘We have a fighting chance if we do, if not, we’re doomed.’ ‘We’ve got to take down Achilles, aim for the heel’

The thing is even though we are all long past the time of Greek gods, we all have an Achilles heel. There’s that one part of us that will make us fall to the floor faster than a snake can strike whether or not you hear the rattle.

And just like Achilles, if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us know what our Achilles heel, our greatest weakness, is too.

The problem is for many of us we coddle it. We play footsie with it. We love it. We build castles around it to protect it from harm. We don’t realize the enormity of the vulnerability that our Achilles heel makes in our lives.

Because make no mistakes about it, even if you haven’t figured out what your Achilles heel is, you can bet your opponent has. And, he’s making plans to use it to take you down because there’s no better place for an enemy to be in battle than flattened by his own weakness.

But, the good thing is we have God who can take our weakness and make us strong despite it. The only hitch is we have to give it to Him.

“I am at rest in God Alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold. I will never be shaken.”

Psalm 62:1-2

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