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photo from Sugaree's Bakery

Cakes are amazing things really. We all have an idea in our heads of what a perfect cake looks like and always remember the taste of that perfect cake, where we were, who we were with and what type of cake it was.

Even if you don’t like cake, and are more of a pie or pudding person, some cakes are so beautifully created that they can be admired for just their aesthetic qualities.

I remember seeing a news program when I was small – a long, long time ago – about a woman in New York who made specialty cakes that she decorated like your favorite celebrity. She would take a regular sheet cake and “draw” on the cake any portrait that the customer wanted. Things have come a long way since the. Now, cake decorators can actually create 3-D renderings of anything you want, a person, place or thing.

When I happen upon them, I love to watch some of the shows on Food Network, like Ace of Cakes and the dessert making challenges, where they make incredible cakes that look beautiful on a table or resemble dinosaurs, castles and even Scooby-Doo.

Just the other night, I was watching a reality TV program where a woman made what looked to be a billion pink cupcakes for a party.  I was mesmerized by how beautiful the pink, white and silver creations looked when they were finished, sitting on tables and cupcake tiers waiting for the guests to arrive.

Since I do like to look at cakes, when I was looking around the internet I saw a blog about a rainbow cake (http://huckleberrystew.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/rainbow-birthday-cake/) and I just had to take a look.

The blog featured pictures of the creation of a, yes, rainbow cake. Every layer was a different color and flavor. When it was sliced, it was so amazing, it looked like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Layers of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple were wrapped in a white robe of icing and garnished with fruit that looked like it should have sat on the table of the Mad Hatter.

The baker who found the overall cake recipe at  Rainbow Cake started out with a basic white cake recipe found at 1-2-3-4 white cake batter to which was added strawberries for the red layer, lemon to the yellow layer and grapes to the purple layer with other layers flowing suite with their colors matching the fruits they were made with, plus, a little food coloring to enhance the color.

Unlike so many other gorgeous cakes out there, this was also in the realm of the I-could-possibly-make-this for the average baker, like, well, myself. That only added to the charm of the colorful cake, that with some time, some ingredients, some cake pans and an oven, it was within reach of a regular person to create and enjoy.

And isn’t this so similar to the way the God works? Out of the blue, He shows us something amazing like the rainbow cake, then shows us that He has given us all we need to make it.

“He wanted a good life; you gave it to him, and then made it a long life as a bonus. You lifted him high and bright as a cumulus cloud, then dressed him in rainbow colors. You pile blessings on him; you make him glad when you smile. Is it any wonder the king loves God? That he’s sticking with the Best?” Psalm 21:1b-3 (The Message)

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