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Red sunset

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The other day, a man I was speaking to said he and his dog chase sunsets when they go out-of-town.

It draws a picture doesn’t it? A man and his dog chasing sunsets.

No matter where you are in the world, sunsets are amazing sights. In some areas, liquid gold dances across the sky as the sun gently settles into the horizon, while in other areas, layers of magenta, royal purple and red, jockey for position in the sky making a riot of deep colors that are hard to tear your eyes away from.

No matter what the colors of a sunset we happen to be seeing, the feeling and awe they generate are almost universal. No matter where you live, what you do for a living or what you believe, there’s not too many of us who see a sunset painted across the sky that won’t agree that they are beautiful things.

Many times we don’t take notice of them because we are too caught up in our own lives, but in those rare moments when the timing is just perfect and we are caught by them, we stop and stare because they are so stunning.

We stare at them, photograph them, paint pictures featuring them, write poems about them. Recognizing the beauty of them seems to be hardwired into us, and, not only that, once we see one especially beautiful one, we tend to want to see another one.

Blue Marble (Planet Earth)

Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

The idea that recognizing beauty is hardwired into us is interesting, especially when there are some things on this planet, like sunsets and even the planet itself seen from outer space with its gorgeous blues, greens and whites swirling around this little clay ball we live on, that everyone seems to agree are beautiful.

Now, of course, there are some variations in what each one of us think is beautiful. There are those things that are so grotesque that some of us would think they are beautiful, but, we instinctively realize they are not first beautiful then grotesque, they are grotesque first and beautiful second.

Even within the amazingly diverse cultures in the world, there are universals in recognizing beauty, like seeing sunsets as beautiful. We know the difference between what is truly in and of itself beautiful, and what is not.

It seems to me that this innate knowledge has to come from somewhere, and to my mind it is just one more thing that points to the One who created everything. He is in and of Himself beautiful, the very essence of beauty, and that part of all of us that is drawn to beauty is drawn to Him when we see Him truly as He is.

It amazes me that we chase sunsets, chase the beautiful, and many times don’t see that desire for beauty, to soak it in and bask in it, is but a shadowy mirror of our longing to see the essence of beauty, God Himself.

“And thy renown went forth among the nations for thy beauty: for thou wast perfect through my beauty, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord God.”

Ezekiel 16:14

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