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Someone, a very wise someone, once told me that if you see a frog on top of a flagpole, he didn’t get there by himself.

At the time I was preparing a speech and still trying to prepare presentations according to the rules of speaking 101, with one of the rules being give the audience an illustration and expand on it. Of course, being genetically ill-disposed to any sort of rules whatsoever, I never did get the whole rules of speech thing dialed in.

Although the days of making speeches have long since passed, that image of a frog on the top of a flagpole has stuck with me for years.

I can just picture it, a little green frog right on top of the pole with the American flag waving its red, white and blue colors just below, and the backdrop of a baby blue sky broken only by tendrils of white clouds.

Yet, it’s not just the image of the utter improbability of a the location of the frog that captures my imagination, it’s the unseen multitude that had to be in place to help the frog get where he was that sets my imagination going.

Did a bird swoop out of the sky pick up the frog for dinner then accidentally drop him? Did someone think the little green frog would be better placed on top of the pole, so, they set him up there? Did he get there with the help of all his other frog friends by saying he wanted to see the world, so they all piled into a frog tower to help him get where he needed to go? The possibilities of how he, or she, got there are as endless as your imagination.

But, the one thing that is a constant is the idea that there is no way that frog got up there on his own. The thought that a frog could get to the top of a smooth flagpole with nothing to grip on to, no landings to use to hop from one level to another or no leg up, so to speak,  is ridiculous to say the least.

Yet, this is how we, especially in the western world, want to live our lives. As self-made, independent, needing no one but our own selves to get us where we need to go. But, that doesn’t seem to be the way that God works, He uses all of us to support one another to fulfill His plan for our lives, along with the greater plan He has for pretty much everything.

We are one body in Him. His body working together for His purposes, which means supporting one another with no regard to what we will get out of it, or whether or not we’ll be recognized for it.

Unfortunately this isn’t always how we behave, is it? Our egos, our pride, our need to be seen, all get in the way of being used by God to get another person to where He wants them to be. Sometimes in focusing on ourselves and what we may, or may not get out of it, we actively work against what God wants for someone because we can’t seem to get over ourselves.

And, that seems to be the crux of it doesn’t it? We just can’t seem to get over ourselves long enough to see that it doesn’t matter who gets where in the body because we have a God that allows all of us to play a part. No matter what part we play, or where we end up, at the top of the flagpole or sitting on the ground helping someone else get there, we are no less adored by God.

Think about that, no matter where we end up, we are adored by God.

“Now as we have many parts in one body, and all the parts do not have the same function, in the same way we who are many are one in the body of Christ and individually members of one another. According to the grace given to us, we have different gifts:”

Romans 12:4-6a

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