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It seems that the little switch in my son’s brain that says, “I like to read” has finally been turned on. He still likes to do all the other things that boys do, but I have been very pleased to see that he has been reading more and more lately. And, I have to admit the reason why I’m pleased is that I am a reader, and have been since I finally learned to read, even though I was a late-bird.

My son is at the age where he’s reading young adult books that are geared towards boys. Admittedly, there are not a lot of these types of books out there. So, every once in a while he has been trying out the young adult books geared towards girls. Because it was so popular, the first one he tried out was the “Twilight Series”. He didn’t get too far before he lost interest.

I am an unashamed reader of really good young adult books preferring to read them over real “literature” any day of the week, and, even though I’m a believer in the Messiah, I just don’t have an issue with the “Twilight Series”. I have read them all – yes, multiple times – and am always impressed with the characters, the plotting and the seamless writing style of Stephanie Meyer, whose book aimed at adults, “The Host” is just as well written.

I asked my son why he didn’t like “Twilight”, assuming it was because he has had a terrible fear of vampires since he was in the first grade when one of his little friends was particularly graphic in his descriptions of what vampires were and what they did to you. But, that wasn’t it at all, he just said, “No, it’s not the vampires, I’m okay with them now because of Twilight, it’s just that there’s too much about Bella.” Translated from the language of boy, this means there was too much about relationships and not enough action.

His disinterest in the series changed when the Meyer’s novella, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” came out. It is full of action, and my son literally devoured it once he started reading it.

My son is the type of person that if there’s something in a movie, play or book that really bothers him, he has to talk about it and try to figure out why it had to happen that way. There’s a scene in the Bree Tanner book where she has a chance to go off and leave the vampire army ( actually she has two chances to leave in the novella) but chooses to stay. My son really liked her and knowing that she dies in the “Eclipse” novel was a little upset that she didn’t take the chance to leave and live when she had it.

This prompted many days of discussion about her decision and why in the world she would stay when she had the chance to leave. Finally, I told him that “Eclipse” had already been written, that story was set and in that story she arrives with the vampire army to attack the Cullen’s and although Carlisle and Esme Cullen saw the potential in her to be a decent vampire, she ends up dying at the hands of the Volturi.

No matter what happened in the Bree Tanner story, no matter how much the reader liked her and wanted her to get away, her actions had to lead her to that clearing in “Eclipse” because that’s where she was supposed to be at that time, and not only that, she was an integral part of that story at that moment.

So many times in life our path seems so twisted, turning this way and that, even turning back on itself  – or so it seems – but it’s all for a reason, to get us to where we’re supposed to be. Sometimes, where we end up is in a horrible spot, just like Bree Tanner, but the reality is that’s where we’re supposed to be for that time, because there’s a larger story that we’re all a part of.

We all have a part to play. We’re all intertwined, whether we like it or not, and sometimes we’re where we are, not for ourselves, but because it’s necessary for us to be there for someone else’s story, whatever reason that may be. The reality is that we  have a God who is the master of it all, who knows all the in’s and out’s of everyone’s storyline, and what the big picture is. He knows who needs to be where and when, how to get each and every one of us to that certain spot where we need to be and not violate our freedom to choose in the process.

No matter what happens or what it looks like, all we need to do is trust Him as we make our way in our little storyline, which is much easier said than done.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

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