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Webtreats 53 Twitter Icons Promo Pack

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The other day I was in a dress shop and three women came in who could only be described as twittering. They were like three beautiful birds who were just talking incessantly about this, that and the other thing, which really didn’t add up to much in the substance department, but went a long way towards entertaining.

I was kind of fascinated by them and thought about how many times we all find ourselves in that position, twittering about a whole lot of nothing and enjoying it. It seems to have nothing to do with gender either. Because of the fact that I’m by nature a quite person and usually hear more than I speak, I’ve been in the position to hear both women and men twitter on about a whole of nothing.

The whole idea of twittering has been taken to whole new level by social media and the whole concept of twitter is just as fascinating to me as watching those three women in the dress shop.

Maybe it’s the cute little blue bird that twitter uses as its mascot, or maybe it’s just that they’ve captured the love we all have to twitter on about nothing to close friends and strangers alike, but Twitter is on to something and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The catch-22 about it is that most of it is just a whole lot of talking about nothing. I mean really, do you, or I, really care about where our friends are going for dinner on a given night? Unless, of course, we want to go there ourselves, and in some way it pertains to us and whether or not we’ll go based on their recommendations, but that comes after they’ve gone, not when they’re on the way. Which points to the fact that, in general, unless it has some relevance to us, we’re entertained for a while with twittering, but are bored with it in the long-term.

Even though I really like Twitter, I’ve gotten to the point where I only seek out the feed of one person, and that’s really only because I want to see what he has to say about the LORD. That’s it, that’s why I tune in a few times a week, the posts he makes about himself I kind of skip over, but, the posts he makes about the LORD I read. He makes very real short assessments of who the LORD is, who we are and the relationship between the two, all within the constraints of the Twitter feed, which is really amazing to me.

But, it’s not just my fascination with Twitter and twittering and the fact that it’s taken off that I sometimes think about, it’s what our involvement with it and what that involvement says about all of us that speaks volumes. Where are thoughts are, there our hearts are also, and sometimes with such a glut of twittering entertainment that we surround ourselves with, we are lost to our need to make sure we get a reality check and make sure in the middle of it all that we focus on the One who is truly a life-giver.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”

Luke 12:34

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Sencillez / Simplicity

Image by victor_nuno via Flickr

Just the other day I was reading a Twitter post and the first part of the post really caught my eye. It read, “God isn’t like us.”

Think about that for a moment. God isn’t like us.

The whole post actually reads, “God isn’t like us. God forgives and forgets, we remember and punish each other.”

On reading the whole post, I immediately thought about the verse that says He casts our sins as far away as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:11-12). A thought that most of can’t really conceive of if we really took the time to think about it. I mean where is the East from the West? It just doesn’t exist in our little world, but it does in God’s.

I mean how many times do we go back to the LORD and ask for forgiveness for the same thing? And, I don’t mean when we do the same thing over and over and have to ask Him for forgiveness and help with it, I’m talking about when we go and drag up the same instance.

Yet, when we go to Him there’s silence in response to our heartfelt request for forgiveness and we can’t quite figure out why. The answer is simple, when He says He tosses them away as far as the east is from the west it means it’s gone, no need to revisit it, no need to bring it up again because it’s gone.

This little tidbit itself should give us a clue that He is nothing like us, yet we continue to try and remake Him in our image. Instead of stepping into what He is doing and in the process being remade into a reflection of Him, we insist that He conform to what we want Him to be, whatever that may be.

Angry? Check. Vengeful? Check. Retaliatory? Check. And, this is the short, short list of things we believe He is because they are who we are. It’s kind of strange because the list of positive and wonderful things that we attribute to Him, like being loving, kind, gentle, caring, etc. we have a terrible time actually absorbing as true and real, maybe because they aren’t really like us and, even on a good day, we don’t have a very firm grip on them.

Plus, the way He expresses them are so foreign to us that they make us uncomfortable or nervous, or a little bit of both. I mean what god in his right mind would actually come down and sacrifice himself so that the innocent could have a chance at life, let alone the guilty? That’s a god that it’s hard for us to get behind and none of us in our right minds would make a god like that up for ourselves.

God isn’t like us. He is who He is, not who we are. Words we all need to remember on so many levels every day that we follow Him.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8

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