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God is near and far at the same time. Isn’t that just the strangest thing to wrap your head around?

Yet, the Bible is very clear that this is the case. Not only that, but He makes it very clear that when we become His children He will never leave us or forsake us, which is a pretty cool thing when you think about it.

But, can the same be said for us? Our hearts are fickle at best. We are so easily led by the shiny, the glamorous, the amazing, that we rarely think about what we may be walking away from in order to try to get to that which is looking so good to us at the time.

How many times do we impose on the grace and love of God by choosing to walk away from Him? Walking away from how He says we should live, in order to just get a taste or a view of something we know He wouldn’t approve of?

Many times we’re just ‘checking it out”, just “seeing what it’s like” when we find that we’re headlong into an area that we didn’t think we would ever be found in. And to make matters worse, we get lost there and can’t see a way back. Like sheep with no homing instinct we are lost until He comes out to rescue us once again.

In our arrogance don’t we just think, ‘He’ll forgive me, after all he loves me and I just can’t help myself, this is just how I am’. Isn’t that why Christ came? Because we can’t help ourselves because of how we are? To give us what we need to walk with Him?

But we still have a choice no matter how difficult it is. Either to live walking with Him in the path that He wants for us, or impose on His goodness by walking away then coming back. Walking away then coming back over an over again.

When we live our lives this way what we’re basically saying over our shoulder as we walk out the door and down the long curved hallway again is ‘I know there’s something better than You and I’m just going to try it out for awhile, but, if it doesn’t work out I’ll be back.”

How many of us have come back? Again? And again? And again?

How many times do we have to behave this way before we realize that there is nothing better than Him? That no matter what, God is better?

“For this is what the LORD requires of you men, only to act justly, to love faithfulness and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

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